Torque & Repair Services NV, is an ISO and VCA certified contractor for controlled securing of bolt and nut joints. This provides us with the ability to complete every task with the utmost consideration towards safety and quality.

Apart from having safety training and internal training in torque and tensions, our employees have also taken part in the following training courses:

  • Flange mechanic and leak sealing
  • Working with personal drop-protection
  • Working in enclosed and EX-zones
  • Crane operation
  • Rigging
  • Forklift driver

At the end of the job, every client receives a report on the work performed. This report can be used as proof for your insurance and/or as guarantee for the machinist.

You can contact us to work with you on a fixed price as well as on hourly basis; long-term secondments are also possible. If it is economically necessary to work with your own employees because you have a large amount of bolts to be tightened, you can also come to TRS for (cooperating) yard supervisors and material to achieve a safe and high quality result.

Option 1 : Onsite

Torque & Repair Services NV is known as the contractor for controlled tightening of critical bolt joints since 2008. Besides our ISO and VCA certifications, we have built up extensive experience in demanding industries such as petrochemical and oil and gas.

Every day, our highly trained technicians are ready with high quality, calibrated materials. Contact us without any obligation for a tailored quote for your bolting job or shutdown. Besides the performing of tasks, you can also come to us for calculations of your application.

More information on +32 (0)3 336 76 36

Option 2 : Supervising

For exceptionally large jobs, where it is necessary to use your own employees, Torque & Repair Services NV can provide supervisors to guide your employees during the task. If desired, we can also provide all the necessary materials. Once the work is completed,  a report is provided on the work performed.

More information on +32 (0)3 336 76 36